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We are an Australian owned company proudly specialising in coloured glass products to enhance any home or office.

We have been specialising in this delicate task since1992 and take great care to make sure our product is 100%. By doing so we are able to offer a comprehensive range of print designed glass solutions to the industry


Enameliteglass will continue to be a successful provider of design printed glass products in Australia.

This outcome will be achieved by providing innovative products that best meet the needs of our customers thereby continuing to sustain our sound brand reputation while driving attractive stakeholder returns.


Our qualified personal are highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of enamel glass printing. Their handy work can be seen in all leading brands of doors and sidelights which is testament to their commitment to excellence. Enamelite stays up to date with all the latest industry developments and keep our team skills and training polished.


Enamelite uses only the best equipment and materials to ensure our finished glass products are of the highest standard. Our excellent and longstanding relationships with our suppliers allow us to rely on adequate stock and fast delivery at all times. We can guarantee you’ll get the best quality design printed glass fit for your purpose

Customer service

We guarantee you will always be met with a positive if we can then we will do attitude. Enjoy personalized service and care

Product Design

  • In house design– We constantly review our designs so we can produce products the market requires.
  • Print preparation We give a lot of consideration to this part of the process, this is the start of the print quality chain.
  • Glass cutting- Accuracy is vital, only our well trained people with the skills to cut glass operate in this area.
  • Warehouse stock- We endeavour to keep stock levels up at all times, allowing us to provide good delivery time. 

Today Enameliteglass utilizes advanced screen printing techniques to analyse and develop its products. From raw glass to the finished product the process will undergo a series of stages prior to being ready for the market place. These entail sending the glass panels via an automated conveyor through the wash prior to entering the screen print machine, then the printer applies the enamel colour to the glass. Once printed and quality checked it goes to be dried, following this the panels will go into a kiln and baked.

The result is a quality, durable product

Care and Maintenance

To clean, simply wipe over with a damp cloth, Avoid all acid based cleaners and abrasive products.

Glass Protective Film

Door panels can be wrapped in a protective film that enables you to paint your door without coating the glass. Simply score the film when finished and peel off.


It is recommended that all Enameliteglass be glazed with the coated surface to the inside